Health Education

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In addition to many other roles, the Health Education Program is responsible for assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating health education programs and wellness interventions for the citizens of Richmond County. The Community Health Assessment also serves as a blueprint that guides the health department in strategic planning as well as guides the Healthy People Healthy Carolinians partnership and community partners in their efforts to better serve the citizens of Richmond County.
The Health Education Team is tasked with collaborating with community partners and residents to conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA) every four years. The CHA allows a community to identify factors that affect the overall health and determine the availability of resources within the community to adequately address those factors.
View the most recent 2016 Community Health Assessment
A State of the County Health Report (SOTCH) is developed during the three interim years the Community Health Assessment is not being conducted. The State of the County Health Report provides the citizens of Richmond County an update on the progress made since the previous Community Health Assessment. Previous State of County Health Reports:
  2018 SOTCH
  2017 SOTCH
  2015 SOTCH

Please take the time to view the documents relating to health education in Richmond County:

For more information about the Richmond County Division of Public Health's Health Education Program Section, please contact Kim Crump, Health Education Program Manager.