Congregate Meal Sites

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What is Congregate Nutrition?

Congregate nutrition services are intended to promote the health and well being of older adults through the provision of a nutritious meal five days a week.

Nutrition education and appropriate supportive services are also provided to help enhance the older person’s ability to remain independent.

Congregate nutrition services are available to persons 60 years of age and older and their spouses. Spouses under the age of 60 are eligible for services when the person 60 and over is actively involved in the program. There is also a special eligibility for persons with disabilities who reside in the home with an eligible senior.
How Much Will It Cost?

There is No Cost to you. Richmond County Aging Services provides this program for Richmond County through Home and Community Care Block Grant Funding. 
Consumer Contributions

The purpose of the Consumer Contribution Policy is to extend the availability of in– home and community based services administered by the Division of Aging by soliciting from all service recipients a portion of the cost of services rendered based upon their ability to pay.

Revenues collected from service recipients will be retained by the local service provider and be used to increase services to existing clients and/ or provide in home and community based services to other individuals in need of such services.

Contributions are entirely voluntary and services will not be reduced or terminated for failure to contribute. All information regarding a client’s participation in consumer contributions shall be kept confidential. 
Reservation Policy

Congregate Meals

To reduce the number of un-served meals at each nutrition site, a reservation system is used. Each person must notify the site manager if they plan to be absent from the site for any amount of time so that meals are not ordered for them during their absence.

Any and all grievances can be reported directly to the Nutrition Program Director within five (5) working days. If complaints are not resolved to the client’s satisfaction within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the complaint, all complaints will be forwarded to the Aging Program Administrator for resolution.
Waiting List Service Priority 

  • Individuals who have been abused, neglected, and/ or exploited.
  • Individuals who are at risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
  • Individuals who are health impaired and need individual nutritional supports.
  • Individuals whose independent living arrangements do not provide adequate facilities for meal preparations.
  • Individuals who do not have a caregiver paid/ unpaid to assist with care during daytime hours.

How Do I Apply?

Contact the Congregate Meal Site Manager.

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