On-Site Water Protection (Wells)

The On-Site Water Protection program ensures private water supply wells are properly protected by enforcing the North Carolina Private Drinking Well Rules.  This is completed by permitting and inspecting proper installations of all new constructions, repairs, and abandonments. Private water supplies can be sampled for coliform bacteria, chemical, and petroleum to certify the well yields water that is safe to drink.

  1. Radionuclides in North Carolina Groundwater

Radionuclides are trace elements that occur naturally in rocks and soil from the decay of radioactive decay of uranium-238 and thorium-232. There is limited data in North Carolina on the occurrence of radionuclides.   Long-term exposure to radionuclides may increase a person’s risk of developing cancer. Well water testing can identify radionuclides.  If elevated, a treatment system can be installed by a certified installer to remove radionuclides from the water.

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