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Meeting Information

As stated in Article VII –Meetings, The Committee shall meet at least once a calendar quarter for regular meetings. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman as deemed necessary to carry out the duties of the LEPC. Upon the written request of a Subcommittee Chairperson or at least four (4) members, the Chairperson shall call for a meeting within five (5) business days of receiving the request.

Upcoming Meetings:

Date: TBD      Time: TBD
Richmond County Emergency Services

Karen Bellamy

​​LEPC Chairman
​Karen Bellamy

Meeting Minutes

LEPC Committee Members

Chairman - Karen Bellamy (Cascade Tissue Group NC)          Vice-Chairman - Todd Barnes (Trinity Manufacturing)

Committee Members

  • Andy Borgstrom (Trinity Manufacturing)
  • Becky Plummer (Perdue Farms)
  • Ben T. Moss (Richmond County Board of Commissioners)
  • Ben Wooten (NC Emergency Management)
  • Bob Smith (Richmond County Emergency Services)
  • Buddy Williams (First Health - Richmond EMS)
  • Calvin White (Hamlet Fire and Rescue)
  • Chad Clark (Piedmont Natural Gas)
  • Chris Brown (Enviva)
  • Christy Land (First Health - Richmond Memorial)
  • Cynthia Bradley (American Red Cross)
  • Dennis Hancock (NC Emergency Management)
  • Dennis Parker (Perdue Farms)
  • Donna Wright (Richmond County Emergency Services)
  • Harold Isler (Rockingham Fire Dept)
  • Holly Haire (Richmond County Health Dept)
  • James Collins (NC Emergency Management)
  • John Parson (Piedmont Natural Gas)
  • Julie Woody (Richmond County Hospice)
  • Karen Messana (Trinity Manufacturing)
  • Kenneth Atkins (Covia)
  • Kevin Hedrick (NC DOT)
  • Kimberly Kashmer (Progress Energy)
  • Kristina Leyden (Richmond County Hospice)
  • Larry Cobbler (Rockingham Water Treatment)
  • Lee Butler (Richmond County Water
  • Mark Gulledge (Richmond County Sheriff's Dept)
  • Mat Riemenschneider (Enviva)
  • Paige Lewis (Richmond County Emergency Services)
  • Scott Tomberlin (Dixie Pipeline Company)
  • Tami Stout (NC 811)
  • Thomas Ammons (EHC)
  • Tommy Jarrell (Richmond County Health Dept)
  • Vivian G. Dell'Acqua (Covia)