Senior Centers


Senior Centers are places where older adults can come together for services and activities that reflect their experience and skills, respond to their needs and interests and support their independence and involvement in the community. Each center is a unique operation with a direction and focus determined by its community and participants.

These centers may provide health and wellness programs, nutrition services, educational and recreational activities, arts and humanities programs, transportation, volunteer opportunities, counseling, information and referral services, frail and special needs programs and other supportive services.

They also serve as community resources for information about aging related issues, support for family caregivers and training for professionals, para-professionals and students.
Many programs offered at senior centers are free of charge, but some programs may require a fee or suggested donation.

Eligibility Requirements
Individuals must be age 55 or older for senior center participation.

East Rockingham Senior Center


Ellerbe Senior Center


Rockingham Senior Center


Activities, programs and services available at or through the center include:


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